When it comes to divorce, most couples find it emotionally draining and a time-taking separation process not because of the family court systems (because a divorce attorney is expected to deliver services on time and which most divorce attorneys do without leading their clients astray) but because of the mistakes often committed by the couples themselves. Such mistakes can extend the process of divorce and impact other areas of your life as well such as your professional career and resettlement in life.

As a matter of fact, if you come across a divorce lawyer of Tacoma, you will find him saying that his client’s behavior before, after or during the divorce affected the outcome of divorce in some or the other way. As a good client of any divorce attorney, it becomes fairly important that you exercise restrain in activities that have been left unadvised by your lawyer. With the law in place to protect you, it becomes your responsibility to not engage in any conflict before, during or after your divorce.

Let’s look at the ten most important things you should not do when seeking a divorce — before, during or after the divorce.

Never sign any paper without consulting an attorney.

Your partner might have his own lawyer and through his help he might ask you to sign a document related to property, other material assets, or liquid money but never ever sign it unless you read the full document and are too sure of the legal complications. Better enough, hire your own divorce lawyer.

Don’t let your emotions guide you during the divorce settlement.

In order to have the divorce settled amicably, you must set your emotions aside until the divorce process is completed. The process of mediation brings forth the business side of divorce and therefore it is important that you behave in a reasonable manner. This will not only help you get divorce process materialized sooner but also save you money.

Do not take the documentation process lightly

All your financial documents must be ready by the time you are ready for divorce. Besides, all the legal documents received from your divorce attorney during the divorce process must be photocopied for any future proceedings or activities. The financial documents related to tax returns, property deeds, insurance policies, etc. must be kept in a safe and secure place as they may be needed from time to time before or during your divorce.

Don’t publicize your divorce too much

Publicly telling everyone that you are seeking a divorce or currently going through the process of divorce might affect you in ways that you might have never thought. You may become the subject of ridicule by those in whose lives everything is just normal. You may want support and so might like to confide in someone to express your deepest emotions related to separation and divorce but decide who can be your friend and pillar of support during the tough moments in your life.

Better not discuss the divorce process with anyone and expect solutions

There can be no readymade solution to divorce and hence it would not be worthwhile to discuss your case with even your closest family members and friends as they may suggest something related to property, finances, or legal matter and which may not exactly fit your case. This may emotionally drain you if you keep engaging in such conversations.

Don’t let your children become scapegoats

Don’t let your children become scapegoats, no matter how painful your divorce process is. Expressing your anger or frustration on children may affect their lives in a negative way, if not now, then maybe later. Your children may get affected more, if you are not their custodial-guardian.

Don’t enter into a new relationship.

When undergoing the process of divorce, remember that entering into a relationship with a person outside of your marriage may affect the outcome of divorce. A romantic relationship, whether that’s a new one or an existing one, can become a big issue and your partner may knowingly or unknowingly want to seek advantage out of it.

Never ever enter into any kind of feud before, during, or after divorce

The moment you argue with your spouse before or during the process of divorce, remember that you are going to complicate the process. Once you are divorced, even then you should not enter into any kind of fight, verbal or physical as the divorce attorneys as your adversarial attorneys may want to extract advantage of your spoiled relationship with your ex and you may end up paying big fees to your attorney in family court. In brief, your silence and your cooperative attitude with your spouse or ex-partner will help you.

Never lay all the blame on your partner

In divorce, no party to the dispute can claim that it is free from shortcomings. Both you and your spouse have something uncommon and which is why you seek the help of a family court and divorce attorney. Something uncommon between two partners is what leads to nagging of one by the other and subsequently a blame-game. This will only complicate the process of divorce. So, stay away from any kind of blame-game.

Don’t get affected by your friends’ or colleagues’ attitude towards you.

Some of your friends or colleagues might be too good with you and they will always stay supportive irrespective of whether you are going to be divorced and prefer to stay single throughout your lifetime or still in a marriage despite a non-working marriage. On the other hand, you could have friends who do not like the idea of divorce and may make you feel uncomfortable on certain occasions. But, this should not dampen your spirit else it may affect your divorce process in a big way. You ought to do what is required to be done at a particular time.


The above 10 points should sound like 10 commandments to you which if followed in true spirit will help you seek divorce painlessly and smoothly. At the same time, when I am writing this blog, I am also willing to serve as your guide to finding a well-experienced and refined lawyer if you are struggling with any of the family law cases. Consult a divorce lawyer in Tacoma-Pierce County where the consultation if completely free of charge. The divorce attorney in Tacoma make sure you get the best value for a price.