• Can My Child Become A Witness in a Divorce Proceeding?

    After a year or two, or many years of marriage, when nothing ran smoothly, you as one of the couple decided to part ways and get divorced. Now, as a parent, you are thinking if you can have your child as a witness in a divorce trial. And, you may be rightfully thinking so, as your child may have all the relevant information pertaining to yours and your child’s relationship with your spouse.

    When it comes to the decision by courts on the issue of a child’s testimony, then you must know and understand that courts are generally reluctant towards … Read More

  • You Will Still Need a Divorce Attorney Even if There’s Mutual Consent!

    You and your partner are in mutual consent when it’s about divorce-related issues. And, so you might think you don’t need a divorce attorney. You may be right in your own way because you and your partner can represent yourselves in the court and get divorced. Yet, not consulting a divorce lawyer can be to your disadvantage.

    Keep reading this article to know why you should consult a divorce lawyer even if there’s mutual consent between you and your partner.

    Not every Divorce Case is Simple

    In an uncontested divorce, you and your partner are in mutual agreement with each … Read More

  • Have You Changed Your Mind After You Have Signed The Divorce Papers?

    The stages through which you need to go for seeking a divorce isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination and you might even lose a pound of your flesh. Imagine then, how difficult it can get for you when you decide to reconcile with your partner after filing a petition for divorce or after the divorce decree has been passed. And, yet, if you have decided to give your about-to-end marital relationship another shot, the outcome will depend on the extent to which your case has been pursued by an attorney or the court.

    To bring a change in … Read More

  • 10 Important Things You Should not do Before, During, or After Divorce

    When it comes to divorce, most couples find it emotionally draining and a time-taking separation process not because of the family court systems (because a divorce attorney is expected to deliver services on time and which most divorce attorneys do without leading their clients astray) but because of the mistakes often committed by the couples themselves. Such mistakes can extend the process of divorce and impact other areas of your life as well such as your professional career and resettlement in life.

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  • Top Nine Signs To Indicate If It’s Time For You To Seek a Divorce!

    Ever wondered, why marriage is called a social institution? Is it a social custom or practice that as a woman or woman you must abide by it? Was this institution created to punish the other person or yourself? Or, was it created in the first place so that you both can learn from each other’s mistakes, be caring and affectionate towards each other, let go of certain outcomes, and let go of your own ego at times to save your marriage from crumbling like the plaster coming off from the walls or a pack of playing cards that comes down … Read More