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Cresta SlagelCresta Slagel

Every law firm needs a Cresta. Cresta is our management expert, our financial extraordinaire, and our jack of all trades! We are so grateful to have added her long list of business skills to our small-scale firm. Between her 23-year long relationship with Mr. Whalley and her invaluable set of business and management skills, we are beyond excited to grow with Cresta on our team.

She’s a homegrown Washingtonian, graduating from Enumclaw High School and being the biggest Seahawks fan this side of the Columbia River. After over twenty years of owning her own business right here in Tacoma, she joined our team ready to emerge into the exciting world of law. Her wildest dream is to run away to the Maldives Islands, for a little TLC and lot of adventure.

Erin PiskuraErin Piskura

Erin is a combination of the world’s most wonderful things. She is our teacher and our leader. As our head paralegal, Erin carries all of us on her shoulders at times, as she’s the foundation of all the hard work we do at Whalley Law.

Erin entered the legal field after years in Public Health connecting children and families to preventive and restorative dental care. She graduated with her MA in Public Health from San Diego State University and has worked for Mr. Whalley since early 2014.

She’s extremely proud of the firm she’s helped build, as well as of her two very bright and spirited children. Next on Erin’s bucket list is to walk at least 100k of the Camino de Santiago through Spain. But knowing Erin, we all know she won’t stop until she sees the finish line.

Emma WatkinsEmma Watkins

Emma recently joined Whalley Law after graduating two years early from the University of Washington in political science and economics. She is ambitious, a go-getter, and thrives when outside her comfort zone. She completed her senior internship in Eurasia working for an international non-governmental organization while writing her thesis on the Islam in the Soviet Union.

She finds her job as legal assistant to the attorneys at Whalley Law very rewarding; learning new things daily and being challenged by unique cases on a daily basis.

Emma officially checked off her 15th country traveled to this summer. She studies Russian and Farsi and thinks of Baku, Azerbaijan has her second home. Emma’s hopes in the future include building a life abroad and working for an organization that helps refugees and internally displaced people.

Lindsay ClayLindsay Clay

Lindsay is a firecracker made from a very delicate balance of ambition, compassion, and spontaneity. She radiates enthusiasm, and often plays the role of our guiding light during the most trying of times.
Her career as a paralegal was by no means an accident – working her way up through the ranks and down the Kitsap coast to her new home here with us! After years in the legal field, we can’t think of a better fit for our Fircrest clan than Lindsay.
She dreams of mushing her own husky pack through the Alaskan Wilderness, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, and recreating the colonial trip once undertaken by her ancestors. Her adventurous spirit will truly take Whalley Law to the next level!

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