• Can My Child Become A Witness in a Divorce Proceeding?

    After a year or two, or many years of marriage, when nothing ran smoothly, you as one of the couple decided to part ways and get divorced. Now, as a parent, you are thinking if you can have your child as a witness in a divorce trial. And, you may be rightfully thinking so, as your child may have all the relevant information pertaining to yours and your child’s relationship with your spouse.

    When it comes to the decision by courts on the issue of a child’s testimony, then you must know and understand that courts are generally reluctant towards … Read More

  • You Will Still Need a Divorce Attorney Even if There’s Mutual Consent!

    You and your partner are in mutual consent when it’s about divorce-related issues. And, so you might think you don’t need a divorce attorney. You may be right in your own way because you and your partner can represent yourselves in the court and get divorced. Yet, not consulting a divorce lawyer can be to your disadvantage.

    Keep reading this article to know why you should consult a divorce lawyer even if there’s mutual consent between you and your partner.

    Not every Divorce Case is Simple

    In an uncontested divorce, you and your partner are in mutual agreement with each … Read More

  • How to Win a Personal Injury Claim When Injured Through a Dog Bite?

    According to aafp.org, there are about 4 million Americans who get bitten by dogs each year and nearly 800,000 of these victims receive medical treatment. This should not come as a surprise knowing the fact that Americans are fond of keeping dogs as pets and with several different breeds of dogs who bite humans being found in both Canada and the United States.

    Now, a personal injury case in which you get bitten and injured by a dog, it’s often the dog owner’s liability to pay compensation to you including the present and future medical expenses and other financial losses. … Read More

  • Things You Should Know After Being Injured in a Workplace Accident!

    Accidents may happen anywhere, on roads, at home, or at work. Unlike the accidents happening on roads and in homes, the accidents at workplaces are those that demand your employer’s attention and your rights to seek compensation if you get injured due to the negligence of your employer in providing a safe and non-hazardous physical working environment.

    The United States law, as it requires, the employees are entitled to receive medical care appropriate to a workplace injury and also compensation if there’s a disability arising out of a workplace accident. If an injury is caused due to an accident occurring … Read More

  • Reasons Why Even The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Will Refuse Your Case

    You got hurt while driving on the roads in Tacoma city, Washington and you feel that a personal injury lawyer should fight your case to get you compensated by the offender. But, to your surprise, some personal injury attorneys outrightly refuse your case and you might think that the attorney is incapable of taking up your case. You might then consult your friends or colleagues regarding your case and somebody might just suggest the name of the ‘best personal injury’ lawyer living in the area where you live.

    Now, if the above recommendation too falls flat on your face, … Read More

  • Alimony After divorce: The Grounds on Which Modification is Possible

    Some couples after getting divorced believe that alimony or spousal support once ordered by the courts can not be amended. This is however not true because the spouse (wife or husband) who is financially dependent upon the other may undergo a change in the earning capacity or the spouse who supports the other may undergo a change in the capacity to pay. Yet, the modifications in alimony vary from state to state and it’s wise to be aware of such state laws.

    In Tacoma City, Washington, for example, the grounds for making modifications in alimony might be different from that … Read More

  • Do I have legal control over the other parent’s visit to my child?

    So what if you are a child’s mother/father, I take better care of the child.”

    “I was all alone when I gave birth to this child and so I don’t think you are fit, physically, financially, or even emotionally, to take care of the child.”

    The above are explanations or ‘voices of distrust’ that emerge when the child lives with one parent and the other parent expresses the desire to see the child. Now, if you are the parent who is separated from the spouse and living with the child, you will likely object to the other parent’s visit to … Read More

  • Have You Changed Your Mind After You Have Signed The Divorce Papers?

    The stages through which you need to go for seeking a divorce isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination and you might even lose a pound of your flesh. Imagine then, how difficult it can get for you when you decide to reconcile with your partner after filing a petition for divorce or after the divorce decree has been passed. And, yet, if you have decided to give your about-to-end marital relationship another shot, the outcome will depend on the extent to which your case has been pursued by an attorney or the court.

    To bring a change in … Read More

  • The Types of Personal Injury Cases and How To Receive a Compensation?

    It was just another day for David when he was walking along the 6th Avenue of Tacoma city, Washington when he was hit by a car driver from behind. How could a pedestrian who was going to have his evening dinner in the restaurant ‘The Table’ would expect that he is going to be hit by a car? But, it had happened.

    He got hit by someone who was on drugs and driving almost semi-consciously. The accident was brutal and David had lost his one limb. His family had then approached us and we worked towards getting him compensated for … Read More

  • Reasons Why Domestic Violence Cases Go Unreported When They Shouldn’t!

    Come to think of domestic violence and you usually come across cases where it’s the women who are battered most in the United States. A look at the statistics would better justify the preceding sentence. If there were nearly 4 in 10 males who suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their current or former partner, then it was about 6 in 10 females who became victims of either physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. All the more, it’s quite terrifying to learn that nearly about 325,000 women in their pregnancy are stalked by their partners.

    Ask further and you come … Read More