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Family Related Legal Issues

Are you seeking divorce from your spouse or dealing with another family related issue? If you would like to take legal action, our team at Whalley Law may be able to assist you. There are a lot of questions we may be able to answer and a lot of information that can help you in your upcoming case. Retaining reliable legal help can help ensure your concerns are addressed and that you become as informed as possible.

A few issues covered in family law include:

  • Divorce: When two people in a legal marriage decide they want to terminate the marriage, there is a complex legal process that takes place. Having legal assistance to sort through all the factors involved can help to alleviate stress and improve the outcome.
  • Child Custody & Support: If there are children involved when a divorce case is handled, there are certain issues which much be discussed. This includes custody and visitation rights, evaluating which spouse is more equipped to handle the bulk of the responsibility.
  • Domestic Violence: Family-related issues too often lead to domestic violence. These dangerous, complicated, and emotionally draining situations require an experienced Pierce County lawyer to rightfully represent your side of the case.
  • Modifications: After a divorce is finalized, many different factors that determine spousal or child support may change. Some of these factors include the earning capacity, health, and the age of both parties involved.

Having the right lawyer on your side can ensure that all aspects are considered as you proceed through the legal matter. This includes being sensitive to both you, your spouse, and your children, if you have any. We want to be sure that there is no necessary stress and chaos caused by you choosing to pursue legal counsel.

Military Divorce Attorney in Pierce & Kitsap Counties

The divorce process can be a complicated and stressful process and even more so if one or more spouses are in the military. At Whalley Law, we understand the complexity of military divorce cases. Our lawyer can provide the legal guidance you need, and even offer military discounts to alleviate your stress. Retain our Pierce & Kitsap County divorce attorney today!

Contact us in Fircrest in Pierce County or in Port Orchard in Kitsap County for a free consultation to discuss your case!

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